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Tanya Rich

  • NSV Tanya Rich Natural Voice Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich TV Commercial Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich Corporate Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich E-Learning Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich Explainer Reel
  • NSV Tanya Reel Gaming and Animation Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich Global Brand Commercial Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich Jingle Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich Midlands Accent Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich UK Accent Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich On-Hold / IVR Reel
  • NSV Tanya Rich UK Radio Commercials
  • NSV Tanya Rich International Accent Reel
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Tanya is a British voice over artist with more than 30 years of experience in the
voice-over industry. She has voiced countless projects for clients in the UK, USA,
EU, UAE and Australia – including radio and TV commercials, corporate narrations,
e-learning, explainer videos, on hold messages, announcements – and many, many

Voice acting runs in her blood: Tanya’s mother was also a working actress who,
among other acting jobs, would voice radio commercials.

Radio adverts is where Tanya got her start in the business. Before that, she worked
as a session singer and jingle singer. And if you’re wondering if she can do your
radio jingle, yes she can. But Tanya is more than just a jingle singer/British RP
voice-over artist. She also has a larynx full of British and international characters
and accents including West Midlands, Brummie, Black Country (because that’s
where she is from), London, Geordie, Northern Irish, Liverpudlian, Northern
England, American, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Australian.

Tanya’s vocal age range is broad and versatile. She can do baby and children’s
voices right through to wholesome mothers, naughty mistresses and wicked